The Ford Fusion Energi: A Hybrid with Safe Performance

September 9th, 2021 by

The Ford Fusion Energi is a plug-in hybrid. It is a mid-size vehicle that makes a great commuter car. It has all the room of a traditional Fusion, so there is plenty of space for passengers and luggage. The Ford Fusion Energi has performance features for a safer drive.

All models of the Ford Fusion Energi are equipped with anti-lock brakes. These brakes prevent lockup allowing you to completely stop at a shorter stopping distance. The Ford Fusion Energi also comes equipped with electric power-assisted steering. This type of steering allows for superior vehicle handling at both high and low speeds. The system helps you to corner and turn with efficiency.

When you stop in at Tuttle-Click Ford Lincoln in Irvine, CA, you can test drive the Ford Fusion Energi and learn more about the technology of this plug-in hybrid. The sales staff would be happy to answer your questions about this vehicle’s many features.

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