Irvine Ford Dealer: Presidents Award Recipient

Tuttle-Click Ford Wins President's Award


Ford Motor Company's President's Award recognizes and rewards Dealers who have excelled in achieving superior Customer Satisfaction and are Blue Oval Certified.

The President's Award recipients exemplify commitment and resolve. They understand what it takes to attain the distinction of a leader and can consistently exceed that level. What makes this award even more significant is that Customers are the judges. Through a comprehensive survey, Customers rate Dealers on the basis of their Sales and Service experiences. Yearly only 340 Dealerships out of more that 5,000 are awarded this high honor.

Tuttle-Click Ford is honored to receive this honor and would like to thank all our customers for their support.


Jim Click (Owner), George Saad (Vice President), Sean McCartney (General Manager), Chris Cotter (President), Robert Tuttle (Owner)

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