At Home DIY Headlight Restoration

When our headlights go dim, most of us search for solutions to restore them to their original condition. There are a variety of methods many people use to do that on their own that involve ordinary products found on the shelves of grocery or big box stores.

Did you know that toothpaste actually can be used to polish away the yellowing and cloudiness of headlight lenses? Just add some toothpaste to a warm wet cloth and scrub away. It can't do any harm, and you just might see more clearly when driving at night.

Don’t try this at home unless you really know what you are doing, but sandpaper can restore headlights by polishing the surface down to remove scratches. This makes them clear again. Just be aware that you could damage them further from improper use.

To get a clearer picture of the options available to you for headlight restoration, contact Tuttle-Click Ford Lincoln in Irvine and speak with one of our professionals.


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