Towing Made Easy

If you have a load of items you need to tow and plan on using your own trailer, be sure to run through a checklist of the proper things to do to prepare your towing vehicle and the trailer. This involves having things like working trailer lights that are synchronized with the towing vehicle, the correct size trailer hitch, good tires and many other items.

Besides having the obvious things like these aforementioned items, it's also good to know the maximum load for your towing vehicle. If you haven't driven a trailer before, practice driving around and backing…

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At Home DIY Headlight Restoration

When our headlights go dim, most of us search for solutions to restore them to their original condition. There are a variety of methods many people use to do that on their own that involve ordinary products found on the shelves of grocery or big box stores.

Did you know that toothpaste actually can be used to polish away the yellowing and cloudiness of headlight lenses? Just add some toothpaste to a warm wet cloth and scrub away. It can't do any harm, and you just might see more clearly when driving at night.

Don’t try this at…
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Move Over Laws and Safe Driving Practices

Drivers need to be people who take a lot of responsibility. They also need to be individuals who concentrate on the sights and sounds around them at all times. Oblivious people who do a lot of daydreaming are never the safest and most dependable drivers on the road, after all. If you want to be a driver who is all about pure safety, then you need to have a good grasp of…
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The Ford Blind Spot Information System - Loved By Many

Making a turn into the next lane can be a little tricky, but, it doesn't have to be. If your vehicle entails the outstanding blind spot feature by Ford, you are in for a treat.

The Ford Blind Spot Information System provides relief for making a change of lanes action. Do you remember that car that blew the horn at you for almost hitting them while attempting to change lanes? What happened? Didn't see the car in your external mirrors, huh? Yea, you are definitely not the only one. This overlook has led to many of the vehicle…
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Gap Insurance is the Better Option

Gap insurance is an auto-insurance policy that enables car-owners to get compensation worth the actual value of their car in the event any risk befalls it. Insurers typically compensate the value of the car at the time of the risk, which is less than the car’s actual price. As a result, drivers across Irvine can be left with a gap to fill in the damage costs.

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